Our Bylaws

Our Bylaws


  • The name of this organization will be EMIRATES SOCIETY OF GEOSCIENCES (E.S.G.).
  • The ESG is affiliated to the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

The purpose of the Society is to provide a forum for Geoscientists in the Emirates to promote the advancement of knowledge in geology, geophysics and related technologies.



C.1 Membership

  • Active Member – A qualified technical person working in energy and mineral exploration and producing companies, associated service companies, government and education institutions in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Student Member – a full-time student in good standing at an educational establishment.
  • Honorary Member – A person who has received recognition for outstanding service to the ESG.
  • An annual membership fee is payable to the Society by individuals seeking to become active or student members.

C.2 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Society is composed of the President, the Advisor (Past-President), the Sponsorship Secretary, the Treasurer, the Program Secretary, the Membership Secretary, the Website Secretary, the Field Trip Secretary and the UAE Coordinator.

The President and the Executive Committee Members may also choose and appoint a number of Directors who will serve as advisers to the Executive Committee, and assist the Executive Committee in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Honorary Members may be elected at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


Each member will be guided by high standards of business ethics, personal honor and conduct and abide by commonly accepted standards of professional morality and responsibility.


This constitution may be amended by a 3/4-majority vote of the members present in a GENERAL MEETING in which such amendment has been written and members notified as described in Section-D above.


The ESG is a non-profitable organization. In the event of termination of the ESG, any remaining assets will be distributed to charitable, scientific or educational institutions in the U.A.E. to be decided by simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.




The Head Office of the Society will be in the United Arab Emirates, at the offices of the President.


B.1 President

The President will head the Executive Committee and preside over meetings. He/She will represent and direct the Society’s activities. He/she will render a year-end report to members outlining the accomplishments of the Society for the previous year. He/she will be the spokesman for the Society on all matters pertaining to the public. The President will be responsible for management of the business of the Society, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The President may nominate several Directors, and appoints delegates to cooperating organizations to represent the Society (subject to the Executive Committee’s assessment for final selection and approval).

B.2 Advisor (Past-President)

The Past-President shall serve as an Advisor for the Executive Committee for one (1) year as such and in the following year of his service as President. The Advisor shall have no administrative authority except as a member of the Executive Committee.

B.3 Sponsorship Secretary

He/she will responsible for all contacts with operating or service companies in the United Arab Emirates in order to raise funds to nourish and support the society’s activities and expenses.

B.4 Treasurer

The Treasurer will be responsible for monitoring the financial affairs of the Society. He/she will prepare financial reports, especially on receipts and disbursements of funds, and submit these regularly to the President. He/she will act upon the instruction of the President or the Executive Committee to check and prepare for the settlement of invoices and other accounts payable.

B.5 Program Secretary

He/she will be responsible with the help of the Executive Committee, to arrange the topics, which will be presented to the Society, and to publish the Society Bulletin. He/she shall interface with the ESG’s affiliate societies, EAGE SEG & AAPG, for presentation speakers and sponsored courses. He/she may select 2 members from the Executive Committee to help in this work.

B.6 Membership Secretary

He/she will endeavor to recruit new members to the ESG and ensure the prompt collection of dues from existing members. He/she may select ESG member representatives from the various OPCO’s and Industry Companies & Contractors to help in this work to ensure membership applications and dues are captured.

B.7 Website Secretary

He/she will be responsible for maintaining and updating the ESG Website, www.esg-uae.org. He/she may select 2 members from the Executive Committee to help in this work.

B.8 Field Trip Secretary

He/she will be responsible for arranging 2 geological field trips per calendar year. He/she may select 2 members from the Executive Committee to help in this work.

B.9 UAE Coordinator

(Al-Ain & Northern Emirates) UAE Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating with the Membership Secretary to recruit new members from Al-Ain and the Northern Emirates, and for encouraging the present members in those respective areas to attend the Society’s meetings.

B.10 Director(s)

The function of the Director(s) is to assist the Society in the formulation of policies. They may also volunteer to assume responsibilities for specific executive tasks.


The fiscal year of the Society will start 1st January and end on 31st December of each year. Extension of the fiscal year is prohibited unless otherwise approved by the Executive Committee, and the members will be informed accordingly through official letters.


Business of the Society that should be approved by vote of the members (e.g., election of officers, amending the Constitution) must be conducted at a General Meeting. Such a meeting must be announced at the previous Monthly Technical Meeting and in the Bulletin preceding the General Meeting, but not less than two weeks prior to the date of the General Meeting. The announcements must include a statement of the business to be conducted at the meeting and a description of the requirements of a General Meeting.

The General Meeting will be considered official and valid only if more than 50% of the paid-up Active Members are present. If the attendance is less than 50%, then the Chairman will call for another meeting within a minimum of one hour and a maximum of one week. Thereafter, at that meeting, the General meeting will be conducted irrespective of the percentage of attendees.

A General Meeting will be held towards the end of the fiscal year, at any date that may be selected by the Executive Committee.

A General Meeting should be used to approve any amendment(s) to the Constitution.

  • E.1 The Secretary of the Committee will advise legitimate Society members and honorary members, who are interested to serve as officers of the Executive Committee, to submit their names to the Committee, at least 1 month before the election date.
  • E.2 Aspiring candidates will submit their applications within a maximum of two weeks from the date of invitation, and no further applications will be accepted thereafter.
  • E.3 A list of candidates will be published in the Society Bulletin before the General Meeting, but no less than two weeks before the election date.
  • E.4 The election of officers for the Executive Committee will be held by ballot at a General Meeting.
  • E.5 In event of only one candidate applying to run for a position, balloting procedure will still be followed in order to confirm his/her appointment. In case of a tie vote, a re-election will be conducted.

The Executive Committee will ensure holding a minimum of one Monthly Technical Meeting of the ESG.

The Program Committee will make the necessary arrangements.


In the event of an officer not being able to serve his/her full term, a vacancy will be declared by the remaining officers. The remaining officers, by simple majority vote will elect the replacement and the elected officer will serve for the remainder of the term.